The CARE Program

The CARE Program

Coverage, Assistance, Resources, and Education related to your health insurance.

By listening to the community, Shire created the CARE program to help all hemophilia community patients proactively manage their health insurance situations.

CARE is a comprehensive program designed to help the hemophilia community proactively manage their health insurance situation. It is intended to give patients the Coverage, Assistance, Resources, and Education information related to their health insurance, to help them take control of their healthcare needs.

As a CARE member, you will be better prepared to tackle your insurance situations by using the CARE benefits such as communicating 1-on-1 with skilled professionals, educational series materials, and electronic communication resources. In addition, patients enrolled in the CARE Patient Assistance Program can also utilize CARE benefits.

Shire knows that navigating the health insurance landscape can be complex and challenging at times. By listening to the hemophilia community, Shire has created CARE, a program that is open to all hemophilia patients, regardless of their current treatment or insurance coverage.

The CARE program assists the hemophilia community in achieving their goals for access to coverage and treatment.

Coverage support for you

As a member of the CARE program, you'll have people on your side to help you achieve coverage for treatment.

A third-party administrator can provide support, depending upon your individual financial, medical, and insurance situations. As a CARE member, you will always have trained and educated experts helping you to secure coverage.

Assistance through live support

Shire recognizes that managing health insurance and reimbursement issues is a top priority for people with hemophilia. Trained experts are available to offer 1-on-1 assistance providing clear and concise information about the CARE program, health insurance coverage, Patient Assistance Programs, Co Pay/Coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket assistance programs.

For assistance, call the Shire Resource Helpline at 1-888-229-8379 Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET.

Resources for you

Shire is continually committed to helping its patients and providing them with the necessary resources to manage their condition more effectively. As a CARE member, you will receive periodic updates about key federal and state news that pertain to the hemophilia community, which enables you to be informed at all times. These resources are intended to provide you with valuable insight into the hemophilia community.

Education for every stage of your life

Shire will provide you access to a series of educational materials designed specifically to help you better understand and manage your insurance situation. These communications will assist in getting you up-to-speed on all important insurance information and related topics including terminology, understanding healthcare reform, and advocacy.

The Care Program

To enroll in the CARE program or to find out more, visit the Shire Financial Assistance web site, or call the Shire Resource Helpline at 1-888-229-8379.

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