Bringing About Innovation

We are dedicated to improving current treatments and investing in research to offer new and better ways to manage bleeding disorders.

Shire Hemophilia Innovation

Shire is committed to actively listening to and working with you to proactively shape the future of bleeding disorders by focusing on treatment options that meet your needs.

The company is making significant investments to educate the community about treatment options and support.

Specifically, the company is:

  • Providing patient and clinician education, factor assistance programs, and information to help patients manage insurance needs
  • Supporting advocacy and expansion of patient access to care, including collaborating with organizations and agencies that advocate for the community on national, state and local levels
  • Offering programs to strengthen and build bonds within the bleeding disorders community, including information, and educational events.

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Bleeding Disorders and Dental Care

For people with a bleeding disorder, two of the best weapons against mouth bleeds can be found in their medicine cabinet. Read about the importance of dental care.