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What is hemophilia A?

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder in which blood does not clot properly. It is usually inherited, and while there is currently no cure for hemophilia, there are treatments that can control and prevent bleeding.1,2

Hemophilia A, also known as classical hemophilia or factor VIII deficiency, is the most common type of hemophilia. It is a genetic disorder resulting in low factor VIII levels.1

Factor VIII (or factor 8) is a clotting factor, which is an essential blood protein needed to stop bleeding.1

70% of hemophilia A is inherited. In about 30% of cases, people with no family history of clotting or coagulation disorders may have a spontaneous gene mutation that causes hemophilia A.3

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5 fast facts about hemophilia A2,3

About 1 in a million people develop "acquired" hemophilia A4

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of patients are over the age of 65

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Happens when the body produces antibodies that attack factor VIII

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Clinical presentation varies from life-threatening bleeds on one end to mild or no bleeds on the other end

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What are the symptoms of hemophilia A?

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Treatment options for hemophilia A

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How is hemophilia A diagnosed?

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