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For those with bleeding disorders, two important tools for oral health are a toothbrush and dental floss.1

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Managing dental care

Good oral and dental health matters for everyone, but it can be especially important for those living with a bleeding disorder. Two important tools for oral health are a toothbrush and dental floss.1

Your dental defense plan

Daily brushing and flossing help keep your mouth healthy and are a great defense against more serious dental problems.1 Since bleeding after dental treatment may cause severe complications, people with bleeding disorders often neglect oral health for fear of bleeding.1 This makes it crucial to find a dentist who either specializes in bleeding disorders or is willing to learn about bleeding disorders and dental treatment.1

Your dentist should work with your doctor or hemophilia treatment center (HTC) to get your medical records and ensure you receive the best level of care.2

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If you need a dental procedure

You may require treatment for your bleeding disorder during a dental visit. To prepare for this possibility of an emergency, your dental team and doctor should collaborate on your treatment plan, including the dosage of medication and length of treatment.2

Medications and treatments that may be used for patients with bleeding disorders include1,2:

  • Factor replacement
  • Clotting promoters
  • Antibiotics to treat or prevent infection
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Other dental details

Be sure to follow your dentist's and doctor's advice on taking treatment before a dental procedure. This can help minimize the risk of a bleed while properly addressing the dental issue before it gets worse. And check out the list of dental guidelines from the World Federation of Hemophilia.2

Review dental guidelines

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