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Because bleeding disorders like von Willebrand disease (VWD) are different for each person, treatment should be equally unique.1,2 Work closely with your doctor to make sure they know exactly what you've been experiencing.

Talk to your doctor

It might not always be easy to talk about, but be sure to describe your symptoms and bleeds to your doctor. Having open and honest conversations will help your doctor create a comprehensive care plan uniquely designed for you.1,3

Check out our discussion guide created specifically to help people who have VWD have more insightful conversations with their doctor. You'll find tips on what to track before your next visit and how to evaluate your current treatment approach, along with questions you can ask your doctor.

Arrive prepared, so you can remember all your questions and make the most of your doctor's visit.

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Stay informed and aware of your treatment choices by sitting down with your physician and deciding together what’s best for your healthcare.

–Lisa, Takeda Community Education Specialist

What is a hemophilia treatment center?

A hemophilia treatment center (HTC) provides comprehensive care and access to healthcare professionals of various disciplines for people living with any kind of bleeding disorder. Even though they have "hemophilia" in the name, HTCs actually manage all bleeding disorders.

There are HTCs all over the United States and around the world. Find an HTC near your home or your destination when traveling.

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Starting home/self-infusion

If you’re ready to start home/self-infusion, this handy guide will cover factor basics, venous access options, home infusion to self-infusion, self-infusion steps, ports, and support.

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