Planning for a future family

One day you may want a family of your own, or may grow your current family. There are things you may want to consider.

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Steps to take before pregnancy

It's important to discuss the 3 Cs of family planning with bleeding disorders with your partner before starting your family1:

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Consider genetic testing to get a genetic breakdown of your condition and understand the probability of passing it down

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Genetic counselors are offered by hemophilia treatment centers and can advise you on genetic aspects and when to test the embryo for bleeding disorders

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Take caution, since the risk of bleeding post delivery is higher than in the general population

Things to remember during pregnancy1,2

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Meet with your hematologist, obstetrician, anesthesiologist, and pediatrician before the delivery

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Measure your clotting factor levels during the third trimester

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Add a copy of your treatment plans to your medical file

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Avoid an epidural, an unnecessary episiotomy, and a Caesarean section without prophylactic treatment2

There are many ways to create a family. Living with a bleeding disorder doesn't define you or your family planning options.

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Plan for childcare and schooling

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Connect with a Community Education Specialist

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