Treating hemophilia B

Treatment for hemophilia of all types, including hemophilia B, has evolved greatly over time. And today, there are a number of treatment options available.

Considerations for hemophilia B treatment

The most common treatment for hemophilia B is called replacement therapy.1 Concentrates of clotting factor IX are the foundation of this treatment for hemophilia B and are administered as an infusion to help replace the clotting factor that's missing or low in the blood.1

  • For people with hemophilia B, most preventative, or prophylactic, treatment involves infusions every 7 to 14 days.1
  • The general goal of prophylaxis is to maintain the factor level above 1%, especially for severe hemophilia B patients.1
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Treating hemophilia B at home

You can do both prophylactic (ongoing) and on-demand (as-needed) replacement therapy at home. Many people learn to infuse at home for their child or for themselves. Home treatment has several advantages1:

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Treatment can be given more quickly when bleeding happens. Early treatment lowers the risk of complications.1

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Fewer visits to the healthcare provider (HCP) or emergency room are needed. Home treatment costs less than treatment in a medical care setting.1

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Home treatment helps children accept treatment and take responsibility for their own health.1

Treating with recombinant factor IX2

Today, clotting factor IX concentrates can be made without human plasma.1 infusions are called recombinant clotting factors.

In the past 25+ years, significant advances have been made in the manufacturing of these recombinant clotting factors.3 Recombinant technology has helped produce factor concentrates that avoid the risk of human-viral contamination.

The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) encourages the use of recombinant clotting factor products.4 Your HCP or your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) will help you decide which is right for you.

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Tracking your bleeds and treatment

You can help your doctor tailor your treatment to your specific needs by keeping track of your bleeds, physical activity, and infusions.1

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Factor treatment has to be personalized to your lifestyle.

–Ryan, adult living with hemophilia

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