Talking to your doctor about hemophilia A

Because each case of hemophilia A is unique, it's important to be open and honest with your doctor to help them create a treatment tailored to you.1,2

Preparing for your doctor visit

When it comes to hemophilia A, everyone has their own unique treatment needs. Asking the right questions can help you and your doctor (also referred to as a healthcare provider or HCP) determine a treatment plan that works for your hemophilia A.1,2

Check out our discussion guide below, created especially to help people with hemophilia A have more insightful conversations with their doctor.

Stay informed and aware of your treatment choices by sitting down with your physician and deciding together what’s best for your healthcare.

–Lisa, Takeda Community Education Specialist

Remember to be open and honest about

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Your day-to-day symptoms

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How often you experience bleeds

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Your goals for living with hemophilia A

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Any changes between visits

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How your condition affects you emotionally

A guide to support the conversation

Find tips on everything from what to track before your next visit to how to evaluate your current hemophilia A treatment to what questions to ask your doctor.

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Should I ask about hemophilia treatment centers?3-5

Also known as HTCs, these comprehensive centers provide special care from a team of experts, like:

  • Lab technologists and pathologists
  • Hematologists (providers who specialize in blood)
  • Orthopedists (providers who specialize in bones, joints, and muscles)
  • Physical therapists
  • Nurses
  • Social workers and other mental health professionals
  • Other specialists

In most cases, your doctor will recommend an HTC to minimize factor VIII-related complications and risk of hospitalization.

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Let's help you prep for home infusion or self-infusion

Find factor basics, venous access options, information on ports, support, hemophilia A medication, and so much more in our resource guide.

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