What to know when you're on-the-go

Travel involves a lot of details, especially when you're living with a bleeding disorder. Here are some tips for your trips.

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Plan ahead for a safe trip

No matter how you plan to travel, it's important to be prepared for any emergency. Before you leave, make sure you know where to find help, pack your treatment supplies, and consult your doctor for any specific travel recommendations or restrictions.1

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See tips for traveling with a bleeding disorder

Flying? It helps to do the following

  • Confirm carry-on limits for treatment, equipment, and assistive devices1,2
  • Carry all treatment with you in your carry-on, never in your checked baggage1,2
  • Have a copy of your current prescription in case you are asked to show it1,2
  • Make sure to clearly label all treatment, supplies, and medical devices1,2
  • Avoid packing any products in your checked luggage that shouldn't be exposed to x-rays1,2
  • Wear your medical ID bracelet and always carry a medical ID card with you3
  • Arrive at the airport early to ensure you have enough time for security staff to examine treatment and supplies

Why you should never pack clotting-factor supplies in checked luggage:

  • Temperature changes may affect the strength of the factor4
  • Rough luggage handling can result in broken containers2
  • Your luggage and the treatment in it could be lost2
  • You can always send larger quantities of treatment to your destination by insured mail2

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