Bleeding Disorders and Community Support

Discover ways to be actively involved within the bleeding disorders community and connect with your Shire rep or HTC.

Live Educational Programming and Resources

Live Educational Programming and Resources for people living with bleeding disorders - HELLO TALK®

Get Help Managing Your Disorder and Your Life

HELLO TALK® programs connect community members with subject matter experts through live interactive educational sessions that encourage conversations relevant to different parts of the bleeding disorders community.

Live Educational Programming and Resources for people living with blood clotting disorders - HELLO TOOLS™

Personalized Education and Life Resources

HELLO TOOLS materials help you compile an individualized reference guide from multiple programs and give you the information you need to help you manage your bleeding disorder.


What is Bleeding Disorder Advocacy—3 Steps to Get Started

Bleeding Disorder Advocacy

Learn about bleeding disorder advocacy and how to become an advocate. Stay informed and get involved with current events concerning the bleeding disorder community.

Become a Bleeding Disorder Advocate

Bleeding Disorder Advocate

Learn how you can advocate for your rights in bleeding disorder insurance and more. See the latest coverage on local and national bleeding disorder advocacy efforts.

NHF Chapter Finder

Connect with other families affected by bleeding conditions in your area through The National Hemophilia Foundation's chapter network.

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Contact your local Shire representative for support and answers to your questions.

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