Let's Start with HELLO

Health, Empowerment, Learning, Linking, Opportunities. Shire's educational program for the bleeding disorders community.

Shire has been an active and supportive member of the bleeding disorders community, as we've pursued research advancements, focused on access to care, and partnered with people whose lives have been affected by a bleeding disorder.

Through our all-encompassing HELLO educational platform, Shire provides personalized information and resources built around the individual needs of our diverse community.

We're constantly evolving.

From the beginning, Shire has partnered with the community to help evolve its educational programming to keep it fresh and relevant for the health, lifestyle, and financial needs of people whose lives are touched by a bleeding disorder.

Live Educational Programming and Resources for people living with bleeding disorders - HELLO TALK®

HELLO TALK® programs connect community members with subject matter experts through live educational programming:

  • Personalized HELLO TALK programming is relevant to specific groups within the bleeding disorders community
  • Interactive sessions encourage conversations
  • Takeaway cards provide an easily digestible summary for each HELLO TALK

Programming covers more than 20 topics—all available in Spanish and English:

  • Bullying Online and Offline: What You Need to Know (Teen and Adult/Caregiver)
  • Dental Care
  • Expecting the Unexpected: Emergencies Happen
  • Food for Thought: Healthy Choices for Those With a Bleeding Disorder
  • Healthy Aging and Hemophilia
  • Healthy Living
  • Hemophilia Basics
  • Hemophilia is a Genetic Disorder
  • Home and Self-Infusion
  • Inhibitors
  • Joint Health
  • Journey of Factor: A Deeper Dive
  • Making the Grade
  • Managing Pain
  • My Factor My Body (Adult)
  • My Factor My Body (Kids Ages 7-10)
  • No Sweat: Staying Active and Healthy with a Bleeding Disorder
  • Recognizing and Responding to a Bleed
  • Resilience: Growing Through Life's Changes
  • Road to Managing Healthcare Independently
  • Sharing Your Story: Advocacy In the Bleeding Disorders Community
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Stepping Up: Individualizing Your Prophy Plan
  • Understanding von Willebrand Disease
  • Women, Let’s Talk About Hemophilia
Live Educational Programming and Resources for people living with blood clotting disorders - HELLO TOOLS™

We're continually evolving our HELLO TOOLS materials to personalize education and learning:

  • Workbooks help participants compile an individualized reference guide from multiple programs
  • Tool kits give patients and supporters the information they need to get started
  • School resource guide to support the academic success, development, and well-being of students with a bleeding disorder


We're ensuring that the Spanish-speaking members of the community have resources for themselves and their multigenerational families in the language that they are most comfortable with.

Let's start a conversation together.

To learn more about HELLO TALK programs or HELLO TOOLS educational materials, reach out to your local Shire rep to get started.

You can find your local rep here.

Bleeding Disorders and Dental Care

For people with a bleeding disorder, two of the best weapons against mouth bleeds can be found in their medicine cabinet. Read about the importance of dental care.