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Infused Factor and Your Body's Natural Clotting Process

Learn about the complex natural clotting process and how infused factor works within this process.

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PEG and Extended Half-Life

PEG is a substance added to medicines that helps them to work longer in the body. Learn more about this process, the concept of half-life, and why these are both important in factor treatment.

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Featured Articles

What is von Willebrand Disease: Guide to Common Questions

Your guide to common questions about diagnosis and treatment of von Willebrand disease.

How to Manage Your Bleeding Disorder—Making a Plan and Sticking to It

You can better manage your bleeding disorder by knowing the facts, setting goals, and making good choices. You can help minimize the impact of bleeds.

Raising a Child with a Bleeding Disorder—Tips for Parents

Education on parenting and bleeding disorders. Find resources on where to learn more about hemophilia and gain access to support groups.