How to Choose Emergency Care for People with a Bleeding Disorder

Bleeding Disorders Emergency Care

For people with a bleeding disorder, the following tips can help you in selecting emergency treatment:1,2

  • If you have access to more than one emergency room, you can plan ahead by selecting the ER that will best meet your needs.
  • Call your hemophilia treatment center and ask for the name and location of the emergency rooms in your area. Your treatment center can recommend hospitals that are most familiar with treating bleeding disorders.
  • Find out whether the hospital has a "fast track"—a process for making sure that the sickest or most badly injured people are treated first. Then, learn how to get on the "fast track" if you have a serious bleed.

Preparing ER Personnel For Treating Bleeding Disorders1,2

Emergency room (ER) physicians and personnel may not be familiar with treatment for a bleeding disorder. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, you can help ER personnel by:

  • Providing bleeding disorder information and education.
  • Scheduling a "pre-emergency" appointment with the emergency department's medical and nursing directors.
  • Giving your primary care physician a letter that confirms your blood disorder diagnosis and explains the facts and offers guidelines for treatment.
  • Educating ER staff about blood disorders. Emphasize the need for early treatment. Bring along educational brochures or pamphlets from your treatment center.
  • Bringing a copy of the latest guidelines for emergency care developed by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council of NHF. For a copy of the MASAC guidelines, visit the NHF website (

Additional Facts For Emergency Treatment:

  • It's important to follow your physician's recommendations about treatment before you go to the ER.
  • Bring along the empty vials, boxes, and package inserts with you to the ER.



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How to Choose Emergency Care for People with a Bleeding Disorder

Tips for people with a bleeding disorder choosing emergency care treatment. How families can prepare ER personnel for treating a bleeding disorder.