Hemophilia Treatment Centers

Hemophilia Treatment Centers

Since 1975, treatment centers have been helping patients and families manage life with a bleeding disorder, from providing information about the latest medical developments, to organizing support groups for those affected by or living with bleeding disorders, including hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (vWD).

What Is A Hemophilia Treatment Center?1

Hemophilia treatment centers are part of a regionalized system of care with locations throughout the United States and the world. They are staffed by a care team of professionals with experience in bleeding disorders to help patients and families access a wide range of education and support services. Although services may vary by treatment center, the following are some of the services typically offered through a hemophilia treatment center:

  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Psychological and emotional counseling
  • Advocacy with insurance companies
  • Research studies and clinical trials
  • Support groups
  • Education on bleeding disorders for school teachers and day care staff
  • Home infusion instruction and support for parents and children
  • Genetic counseling
  • Safety network for traveling families
  • Summer camps for children with bleeding disorders

The Benefits Of A Hemophilia Treatment Center1

Hemophilia treatment centers do more than support people with bleeding disorders and help them through life situations.



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