Dental health
Dental health

Practice good dental care

Two of the best tools against mouth bleeds are a toothbrush and dental floss.1 That's because daily brushing and flossing help keep your mouth healthy and are a great defense against more serious dental problems.1 These healthy habits may prevent bleeding caused by gum disease and infections that may lead to the need for oral surgery.1

Proper dental care is important to prevent bleeds.

Since bleeding after dental treatment may cause severe complications, people with bleeding disorders are a priority group for dental and oral preventive health care.1 Unfortunately, people with bleeding disorders may be tempted to neglect oral health for fear of bleeding.1

Finding a dentist who is familiar with or who is willing to learn about bleeding disorders is also essential. The dentist should work with your healthcare provider (HCP) or Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) to obtain information about your bleeding disorder and medical records. Work closely with your dentist and HCP to ensure that you receive the best level of care.1,2

If you do need to have a dental procedure

Some individuals with a bleeding disorder may require treatment during a dental visit. As a result, your dental team and HCP will need to collaborate to determine your treatment plan, including the dosing and length of treatment.1

Some of the medications and treatments that may be used for patients with bleeding disorders are1:

  • Factor replacement
  • Clotting promoters (eg, desmopressin, aminocaproic acid, or tranexamic acid)
  • Antibiotics to treat or prevent infection

Follow your dentist and HCP’s advice on taking any treatment before a dental procedure. This will help minimize the risk of a bleed while properly addressing the dental issue you are having before it gets worse.

Keep your joints happy

How you respond to bleeds can contribute to the level of pain you experience in your joints.

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