Von Willebrand Disease Treatment
Von Willebrand Disease Treatment

Treatment for von Willebrand disease

Each von Willebrand disease (VWD) diagnosis is unique in type and severity—these factors impact the treatment approach.1

Medicines for VWD are used to1:

  • Increase the amount of von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII into the bloodstream
  • Replace VWF (replacement therapy)
  • Prevent the breakdown of blood clots (antifibrinolytics)
  • Control heavy menstrual bleeding in women (birth control pills, intrauterine device (IUD))
  • Stop occurring bleeding on a wound (fibrin glue)
Watch Jacey and her mom talk about living with VWD

Watch Jacey and her mom talk about living with VWD

Treatment options for VWD

Treatment for VWD depends mainly upon the type and severity of the disease. One or more treatment options may be used to manage bleeding.1 The most common treatments are:

Anti fibrinolytic (clot-stabilizing) medications: These medications may be prescribed before or after surgical procedures and help slow the breakdown of blood clots.1

Vasopressin Analogues: This injection or nasal spray is usually used to treat type 1 and some subtypes of type 2 VWD. This medication stimulates the release of VWF.1

Contraceptives: Estrogen hormones found in contraceptives can boost the levels of VWF and factor VIII. These may be prescribed for women to help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.1

Factor Replacement Therapy: This treatment contains VWF and, in some cases, factor VIII. It is used to treat people with more severe forms of VWD or some people with milder forms of VWD. Factor replacement therapy is infused (injected into the bloodstream) to replace the missing VWF.1

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