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An active lifestyle has many benefits, especially for those with a bleeding disorder. Discover why exercise and activity are important for healthy living.1

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Why moving more is a good move

There was a time when people with bleeding disorders were discouraged from participating in sports and physical activities. But not anymore. With treatment options so widely available, children and adults with bleeding disorders are encouraged to keep moving. Before you start, you’ll want to consider your physical build, the condition of your joints, and your history of bleeds. Ask your doctor or physical therapist to help develop an exercise routine that is appropriate for you.2

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The benefits of an active lifestyle include1:

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Preventing muscle and joint bleeds

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Reducing pressure on weight-bearing joints

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Maintaining a healthy weight

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Improving emotional health

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Strengthening muscles around the joints

Patients should feel encouraged to be active.

-Lisa, Takeda Community education specialist

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These types of exercise can be good
for you

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balance & flexibility

Improves your posture and ability to move3

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Aerobic exercise

Burns calories and helps in weight loss, reducing the load on weight-bearing joints3

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strength training

Increases the muscle and strengthens the tendons that support your joints3

Playing it safe

Discover the sports and exercises recommended by the National Hemophilia Foundation.

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Care for your emotional health

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