It's a great day to play

Play is important to children’s natural development. In fact, it also serves as a form of communication that can help children express their emotions and develop social relationships in a more creative and pleasant way. Engaging your child in therapeutic play can help them communicate in a safe, relaxed environment.

The FACTOR FRIEND Therapeutic Play Kit was developed with the help of child life specialists to:

  • Teach children about self-infusion
  • Ease potential fear and anxiety associated with medical treatments
  • Set children with hemophilia on the path toward regular, proactive self-care
  • Support families in understanding how they can assist with the transition to self-care
  • Help children learn more about their own or their loved one’s bleeding disorder

We encourage you to contact your Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) to request a FACTOR FRIEND Therapeutic Play Kit for your child.

Officially adopt and name your FACTOR FRIEND

Your child can officially welcome their FACTOR FRIEND home by adopting and naming him or her. This downloadable adoption form also features an oath, helping your child promise to take care of their FACTOR FRIEND.

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Need additional log sheets?

If your child finished filling out the log sheets included in their Therapeutic Play Kit, simply download additional infusion logs so they can continue to track how their FACTOR FRIEND’s infusions went and the feelings they associated with them.

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More therapeutic play resources

While your Therapeutic Play Kit includes information, tips, and techniques for parents and caregivers, the links below contain information you can download to further assist you in engaging your child in therapeutic play!

Open-ended questions to ask

Download this form to see some examples of questions you can ask your child to help engage them and better understand how they’re feeling during therapeutic play.


Learn about child life specialists

These professionals are trained in supporting children with medical conditions. Learn more about what child life specialists do and how to find one for your child.



Download these "FACTOR FRIEND Explains..." comics to help your child gain a better understanding of hemophilia, factor replacement therapy, half-life, inhibitors, and more.

How Factor VIII works!

FACTOR FRIEND explains that he has hemophilia A, what it is, and what he does to reduce and prevent bleeds.


How Factor IX works!

FACTOR FRIEND explains what causes hemophilia B and how he manages this type of hemophilia.


Sometimes it's different

FACTOR FRIEND explains what inhibitors are and what having hemophilia with inhibitors means.