Educate & Communicate with Shire’s Therapeutic Play Kit

Shire Therapeutic Play Kit

What’s in Shire’s Therapeutic Play Kit?

Our exclusive Therapeutic Play Kit, which was developed with the help of child life specialists, is designed to help children with hemophilia overcome anxiety they may feel toward self-infusions and medical supplies.

The kit, which will be available in English and Spanish, includes:

  • A therapeutic play guide that details tips and techniques for parents and caregivers
  • FACTOR FRIEND, a stuffed dog for children to perform play infusions on
  • Real medical supplies—minus the needles—for performing either port or butterfly infusions on FACTOR FRIEND
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit to mimic infusions on FACTOR FRIEND
  • Infusion logs for children to record and track their FACTOR FRIEND’s infusions
  • An educational and fun activity book with puzzles, games, and coloring pages
  • A drawstring bag to keep all of the kit’s contents together

How to get a Therapeutic Play Kit

We have distributed our Therapeutic Play Kits to numerous hemophilia treatment centers. Please contact your local HTC to request our Therapeutic Play Kit.

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What are the benefits of therapeutic play?

Therapeutic play lets kids communicate and learn in a safe, relaxed environment.

With therapeutic play, a child:

  • Better understands medical procedures
  • Learns coping strategies for use with medical settings and procedures
  • Develops skills to express thoughts, concerns, and feelings

Therapeutic play also helps parents and caregivers understand a child’s views and communicate with him or her.


Shire does not endorse any particular treatment center or recommend any particular treatment. Consult your treatment center or physician for care specific to your medical needs.

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